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psycho-spiritual health services:
Ifa-Orisa Education, Training & Development Academy

This Academy operates under the auspices of Orí Counseling Services, Division of Psy-cultural Spiritual Education.  Our World-wide mission and focus is the cross-cultural Pan-Afrikan development, education and training of competent, integrity-filled Ifa-Orisa devotees and priests substantiated with the Light of Olodumare, unapologetic reverence for our benevolent Ancestors, as well as dutiful reverence and service to humankind and the invisible World of Spiritual Beings co-existing among Us. We are custodians of Yoruba West Afrikan Isese Ifa-Orisa traditions." -- Olóyè Ìyánifá Olátúnjí-Arẹ̀sà. Additionally, we offer a wide range of Ancestral Tradtional West Afrikan spiritual healing and wellness services for our Global World. Exlpore our spiritual health and wellness services.

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