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Her Eminence Ambassador Olóyè “Chief” Ìyánifá Ifáṣèyí Bamgbàlà Olátúnjí-Arẹ̀sà is an Indigenous Tribal- American born, descendant of the Òtu Lineage (matriarchal) and Arẹ̀sà Royal Bloodline (patriarchal) of Yorùbáland, Nigeria. She is a graduate, and former Adjunct Professor of Loyola University’s graduate counseling program in New Orleans, LA. She is also a graduate, and former Director of Psychological Health at Dillard University’s undergraduate psychology program in New Orleans, LA. Olóyè Ìyánifá Olátúnjí-Arẹ̀sà served for 4 years as the State of Louisiana Director of Psychological Health, and Psychological Health Subject Matter Expert for the U.S. Air Force (New Orleans, LA) where she was first advisor to Wing Command pertaining to Airmen and Family psychological health needs. She is the first Woman and African-American to serve a full term in this position with a clientele of over 3,000. Olóyè is also the Founder and Director of the Louisiana Guard Community Psychological Health Partners Network, and lectures (in the military and civilian sectors) on a wide-range of topics pertaining to the relationships between psychological and spiritual health, civilian and military life and family culture. Philanthropist and entrepreneur, Olóyè Ìyánifá Olátúnjí-Arẹ̀sà is the Founder and Clinical Director of Orí Counseling Services of New Orleans®, a small private practice catering to the psycho-spiritual and psy-cultural health needs of Our diverse Global Community. She is also the co-founder and lead infrastructural designer of the Children’s Mental Health Center at a 122 year-old New Orleans counseling agency. Olóyè is deeply devoted to her mission as Director and Tenure Professor of the Ifá-Òrìṣà Education, Training and Development Academy® where she engages in intense long-term mentorship and development of her apprentices. Additionally, her Academy offers World-wide lectures and trainings in the Ancient West Afrikan Spiritual Tradition, Science, Art and Philosophy of Ifá-Òrìṣà Lifestyle. Highlighting her newest investment (in partnership with Orí Counseling Services and Ilé Arẹ̀sà International®, Headquartered in Nigeria, West Afrika), Olóyè Ìyánifá Olátúnjí-Arẹ̀sà is the Founder and Director of the Diaspora to Afrika Cultural Exchange for the Arts and Sciences®, a highly successful endeavor that facilitates dialogue, education and professional development exchange, skills building and enterprise establishment between the indigenes of Afrika, The Old Diaspora and The New Diaspora. Chief Ìyánifá Olátúnjí-Arẹsà is an ordained (initiated) Kemetic (Egyptian) Yoga Priest. She is also ordained into the Tibetan Buddhist Priesthood by the Honorable Ontul Riponche. Chief Arẹsà was ordained into the Ancient Yorùbá West Afrikan High Priesthood of Ifá in Ọṣun State, Nigeria. It was in Ìbàdàn, Ọyọ́ State, Nigeria that Ìyánifá Olátúnjí-Arẹ̀sà was ordained and installed as a Olòyé (Chief) Ìyánifá Atóríṣe of the State of Louisiana, USA. With Ifá’s Divine guidance, her ceremonial Chieftancy spiritual crowning sealed her Heavenly sanction to facilitate the process of correcting human destinies during their visit to Earth. Her second Chieftaincy appointment came on the heels of her initiation into the ancient Yorùbá Priesthood of the Ancestors, earning her the official title of Ìyálode Oje (Chief Priest of all women in the Priesthood of the Ancestors). Ìyálóde Òjẹ̀ Olátúnjí-Arẹsà proudly serves as the female head of spiritual household, and Diasporic Ambassador for Ilé Arẹsà. In 2023 Olóyè Ìyánifá Olátúnjí-Arẹ̀sà was appointed as a IAWPA United Nations Peace Ambassador in Nigeria, West Afrika. Amabassador Olátúnjí-Arẹ̀sà is published in both the United States and Afrika. She enjoys meditating upon, memorizing and chanting mantras and sacred scriptures of the World; researching and applying philosophies and techniques that enhance Her Academy as well as Her Own Destiny; public speaking and lecturing; individual, group, couples and family counseling; communing with animal and plant spirits; Kemetic Yoga and Folkloric Dance; reading, creative writing, media archiving, and visual and performing artistry via the Interdisciplinary Arts. When asked what keeps her motivated, Ambassador Olóyè Ìyánifá Olátúnjí-Arẹ̀sà says that “ of the most precious, never-ending and Eternally Life-giving gifts is knowing who I AM.”

Song: Little Simz - Fear No Man


Below is a conversation with Ms. Gloria Opara, a native of Nigeria, and Nigeria-based Freelance Journalist...enjoy.

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