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sacrifice is inevitable.

Updated: Jun 3

All desires may not be granted easily. Where is the passion and perseverance for what we say we want? Where is the Crown (chakra) Jewel of beautiful character for Us throughout the pursuit of it? All decisions on the path to fulfilling One’s Optimal Life Purposes may not be popular or adorn the ego with inflation...many Life Boosting decisions require the death of an aspect of One’s Self for the resurrection of One’s Self Anew...Evolved...Ascended Creation. SACRIFICE IS INEVITABLE (sometimes beyond comfort). Why compare One’s Self to others when Our Destiny is Uniquely Our Own? Quiet the Mind, Peace the Spirit, Purify the Thoughts, Heighten the Thinking, Consecrate the Mouth, Plea to Òlódùmarè.....Invoke and Nurture Wisdom. Àṣẹ~

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